Thursday, October 16, 2008

other world

I think there is a whole other world out there. I catch glimpses of it at times. There is a crispness to this world that makes me feel as if I walk in a fog most of the time. When we die, perhaps our souls- our energy- return to this world of light,action, sleep and teeth. We leave behind the world of thought and feelings- moving back into the world of sweet decay and contentment found in a meal and a nest.

Now, in the mornings when I am able to take a jog, I give over to the pleasure of feeling my muscles and greeting the roadside plants. I watch them- see them bloom, ripen, decay and rest. As I pass them, I say their names in my mind:
Raphanus raphanistrum (what a great name!)- Wild Radish- a treat now to see blooming white and lilac; Wild bramble rose- red hips hanging like garnets; an Apple tree still holding on to some of it's apples which fill the air with a smell of cider; poison oak putting on it's stunning red and orange autumn colors which fool the tourists into picking armfuls; and there- on the hill- wild grapes hang in the arms of the Hazelnut tree. What bounty! My friends, I am always happy to see you.

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