Saturday, October 4, 2008

Where peace lies

It is in an image of green water that brings me peace these days. I wonder where it is? You walk through the woods to get there and there is a closeness and warmth that soothes.

Just last month, it all slipped through my fingers. I could look and see the sacred, but I could not feel it at all. All is chance and all is lost even before it is found. It was a lonely place.

Then this came to me- a message-a reminder- whatever, I needed it: "There is enough. There is enough love. There is enough time. There is enough forgiveness. There is enough strength." I believed it and I felt it. It was as if my heart opened again. There is enough.


Greenlee's Forest said...

What a beautiful message.

I think these kinds of messages are such gifts - I am so grateful for them.

D said...

No doubt! It felt like a great, great gift!