Thursday, November 13, 2008


How many blessings stream to you, my daughter? How many joys at this moment run through your fingers? You must breath and feel and understand.

But, how? How am I to feel anything beyond this feeling of rushing to oblivion?

Daughter! Enough! Why do you turn away from your power? You know that you are the sky and the sea and yet you act like you are nothing more than your body? You have the power of the earth at your feet, why do you fool yourself into believing less? Should you choose, you can run numbly to oblivion- so many do. But how can you allow that when you have worked so hard to see your power- your connection.

Release yourself from your own chains. Stand and allow yourself to feel the wind and the rain and the sunshine. You are pain. You are love. You are death. You are ecstasy.

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