Friday, December 19, 2008

A Winter Solstice Meditation

(**If you enjoy music during meditation, I recommend you press the "Launch Pandora" button on the right. I have been enjoying a station I created by entering the term "Anonymous Four", but you may listen to what calls to you.**)

A Winter Solstice Meditation

This is a time for you. Find a comfortable, warm place to get settled. Take a long breath starting in your nose and drawing your breath deep, filling your stomach. Breath out slowly, releasing your breath from your stomach than your chest , throat and finally out of your mouth. Do this several times until you feel your muscles relax.

Sense your body- recognize that you are safe and comfortable. You are tethered to the Earth by a golden rope extending from the base of your spine to the heart of the Earth. Feel the golden, warm connection. This golden rope does not hinder you in any way. This golden rope keeps you connected and safe.

Once you are relaxed and connected, we will begin our travels. We go a long way to a mountain covered with snow. The tall evergreens hang with snow. There is no moon. There walking up the dark mountainside is a group of people walking slowly with faint, flickering light coming from the lanterns they carry. You are one of them or you are only an observer. As you get closer, you see that the group is lead by a woman. Her long dark hair falls down her back and is dusted with snow. All are well clothed for their trek- long thick coats embroidered with rich jewel colored thread., rich, deep boots on their feet and thick gloves of purple and amber and garnet on their hands. By the pace of their walk, they know where they are going and fully realize the work before them as the path is steep. The woman that is the leader knows that she is to meet with a messenger- what will be this messenger? And what will the message be? There is no giving into fear. The path leads us onward, forward, to where we need to be.

Above the snow covered trees, the stars glint in the black sky. There are more stars that you have ever seen. The pure coldness of the air and the vast sparkle of the stars take your breath away. Still you move on. After some time, you and the group come to a clearing. In the dim light a vague shape is visible. The group stops but the leader walks slowly forward. As she draws closer, she sees it is a fox dragging something along the ground. She moves forward- the fox snarls- but still she moves slowly toward it. Her message. It is the antlers and top of the skull of a young buck. It is for you- she knows it deep within her- but she must pay the messenger. She tosses the fox a handful of dried meat she had brought in her pocket. Silently, the fox releases the antlers, takes the meat and is gone like a sigh. She picks up the antlers and returns to the group. Another sits the antlers upon her head and secures them with delicately woven nettle ropes. The woman pauses a moment to look at the group and then turns to continue across the clearing and up over the final ridge.

As the expanse of the vast U-shaped valley spread before her, her heart fills with a deep love and wonder. She stands tall- the antlers drawing her up straight. Just vaguely in the far east, the sky lightens and changes. Others in the group prepare the fire with the wood they have carried on their backs. Silently, the woman stands by the cliff edge looking out at what she can not yet see, but that which she knows with all her being. She takes a deep, even, slow breath of the clear cold air. She is filled with the cold sure air. It tells her that all she is to be- all that she wants is within her. Her power spreads from the antlers through the top of her head, down her spine and fills her to her toes. She gives them the signal to light the fire which blazes up behind her.

The sun is rising! The sun returns! She raises her arms high in greeting. Raise your arms in greeting! Feel your power flush within you. You stand tall- the silhouette of a vibrant antlered Aruduinna against the gold of the rising snow. Now- dance and feel the joy!

As we slowly return along our golden rope, you carry with you the joy and the strength. They will be within you always- may they fill your soul.

Blessed Winter Solstice.


December 19, 2008

P.S. I have been thinking of these images for many nights as I lay going to sleep in my cozy bed. Only last night did the image of the fox and the antlers come to me. This morning, as I saw the image of the woman with antlers in my mind, I realized I have been carrying an image from a good friend's creation with in me. Thank, my dear friend Greenlee, for inspiring me with your beautiful Arduinna!!

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Greenlee's Forest said...

Oh, what a beautiful meditation....and more importantly, what a beautiful story. May all of our stories be as blessed and rich as this one my friend.